Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing

If tradeshow attendance seems like a waste of time it might not be the show that is the problem, it might be how you gather your data and use it after a show. Airplanes have created quick ways to travel long distances but turbulence during a flight can be frightening and hamper a positive flying experience. Like a smooth airplane flight, having a good tradeshow experience is gauged by the ability to be the most productive both during and after the show.

A smooth tradeshow experience begins with registration. Data gathered before the show can be used to streamline entry, data collection during the show, and reporting after the show. All these timesaving strategies can be utilized by choosing the right registration company.

Registration Control Systems (RCS) has several options already available for creating a smooth and simplified tradeshow experience. When an Exhibitor or Attendee registers for the show that secure data is available to create badges (which can be mailed or picked up at the show) and organized for both Exhibitors and Attendees to get information needed before and during the show to enhance efficiency.

For example, Exhibitors can review reports on registered Attendees (or other Exhibitors) and glean information (via particular specifications) regarding Attendee expectations and have information available that is specific to Attendees needs. Attendees can also organize their attendance strategies, register for show events beforehand, and decide which Exhibitors they plan to visit depending on their event attendance goals.

There are also many tools provided by registration companies like RCS that can gather data quickly and efficiently. Nobody has time to waste organizing paperwork anymore. With the advancement of data storage technology we now have the capability to store and retrieve all kinds of data at nearly the push of a button. If you are still gathering paper business cards, flyers or other products as your sole method of gathering information from contacts, then you are wasting your time. By utilizing MyExpoCart (provided by RCS) or other data organization apps, your information can be immediately stored and organized for later perusal and follow-up. Registration companies like RCS also provide on-site tools, including smartphone (yours or ours) apps and post show data reports. Customize your information before and after the show to optimize your tradeshow ROI. Eliminate wasted time by fumbling with business cards and notepads. Knowing what tools are available and how easy they are to use is vital for a smooth tradeshow experience. RCS has employees on site to help educate and trouble-shoot these tools for you.

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