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Social Media MarketingYou may have noticed activity on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts recently.  If you have, it’s because we started a new initiative posting information about the shows we are working while they are going on.  Using hashtags “#” we make show websites and links searchable on Twitter, and it spreads the message to a wider audience.  Posts about Exhibitor lists, program highlights and schedules as well as other information regarding the show as it is happening are our targets.

Using social networks to promote a show and its exciting activities is not a new approach to marketing.  Many others are doing it and we believe that this activity can drive attendees to certain activities and programs sponsored by show management as well as to Exhibitor booths and other popular show events.

Putting your show information in the spotlight can be beneficial to promote activity and business at the show as well as beyond the physical show limits.  Creating a hashtag following can help Attendees and Exhibitors communicate with each other in ways they already do in their free time.  Also, using hashtags can help promote meetings and allows open communication to happen before, during and after the show.

Posting before the show begins can encourage more activity during the show as these posts create a buzz and free advertising is what it’s all about!

Check out the many social media magnet promotional services RCS has to offer:

  • Promote and create social portals via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Create buzz with “Like” buttons
  • Display which friends have already registered
  • Allow registrants to invite friends
  • Allow Attendees to easily find the people they want to meet
  • Match Attendees with each other based on interests and skill set
  • Allow Attendees to set up one-on-one meetings and build customer schedules
  • Networking system so that after the pre-registration deadline registrants can talk to each other and see who else is going to the conference.

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