Ten-Fold Smartphone Use Increase

In 2012 exhibitor use of the RCS  ExpoSmart Smartphone app for lead management increased by more than ten-fold over 2011, and in 2013 it is growing by more than 50% per month.

You might be wondering ‘Why is that?’

  1. You can collect leads anywhere and anytime, in the booth or on the bus.
  2. You can quickly and conveniently qualify every one of those leads.
  3. You can personalize the leads with follow up notes for the sales staff.
  4. You can bundle your order so every staff member has an app.
  5. You can automatically follow up the leads with personalized emails.
  6. You can control their leads in a secure cloud based data vault.
  7. You can access your leads anywhere and anytime, at the show or months later.
  8. You can use it at a small intimate event or at the biggest show on earth.
  9. You can try it for free.
  10. You can pay less than $100 for the entire show.

RCS has provided registration and lead management solutions at trade shows and events for over 40 years. Take advantage of our knowledge. Take advantage of our experience. Take advantage of the RCS ExpoSmart at your next show!

For more information on Registration Control Systems
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