RCS ExpoSmart: Smartphones on the Trade Show Floor

ExpoSmart_CompatibleLast year at Expo! Expo! we announced the latest lead retrieval services offered by Registration Control Systems with the introduction of the RCS ExpoSmart Smartphone app. Lead retrieval has never been so accessible for vendors, large and small, and with ongoing software updates this smartphone app is leading-edge technology.

With the RCS ExpoSmart app you can collect, qualify and manage your leads right on the show floor and it is just as easy to use with your smartphone or tablet as it is to use the bar code or magnetic stripe lead retrieval devices. Like our award winning Eco-Badge, the RCS ExpoSmart Smartphone app is an eco-friendly fully digital product that completely eliminates waste.

In tapping this ubiquitous resource that is just beginning to catch on in the industry we have taken yet another leap forward in the digital frontier. In the past the International Society of Automation (ISA) show management described our services as “…clearly the leader in registration technology”, and we are continuing this legacy with the RCS ExpoSmart app.

The RCS ExpoSmart is quickly becoming our most popular lead retrieval system. When we asked exhibitors how they liked using the new RCS ExpoSmart app on their own personal Smartphone they expressed a high level of satisfaction with the ease of use and customization options that make capturing leads even simpler. Exhibitors also said they loved the cost and the convenience even more!

If you’re interested in smartphone use in tradeshows and conventions send us an email (sales@rcsreg.com) or give us a call at (805) 654-0171. Registration Control Systems is adding to the capabilities of the RCS ExpoSmart every month and soon it will be used for a lot more than just lead retrieval.

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