A Global Contact eXperience (GCX)

GCX-ConceptRegistration Control Systems GCX Service combines traditional exhibitor lead collection and management with attendee information gathering and interaction. These services will increase your Exhibitor and Attendee interaction by improving the method of sales lead gathering from a “badge scan and follow up” technique.  This method is a much broader and more powerful tool that benefits both the Exhibitor AND the Attendee experience. Using badges, printed QR Codes, and modern Smartphone App technology the RCS GCX Service extends the reach of the exhibitor, as well as assisting the attendee in keeping track of booths visited, any new or interesting products offered by an exhibitor, session or show sponsored events attended by using the RCS ExpoSmart and the MyExpoCart Smartphone apps.

Here is how the two part RCS GCX Service works:


Exhibitors can order lead retrieval services including the RCS ExpoSmart app, while attendees download the MyExpoCart app. Exhibitors use the RCS QR Code Builder, available online when they order Lead Retrieval from RCS, to create a unique QR code for their company that contains a link to their own website portal. Exhibitors who order Lead Retrieval Equipment from RCS can print as many different QR codes as they like. For example, they may want to create a link to their website, or a specific page on their website, that describes a particular product or service (e.g.: https:www.companyname.com for the booth, and https:www.companyname.com/frisbee for a product in the booth). Exhibitors who choose not to order lead retrieval can still use the QR code builder for a fee which will allow them to provide information to the attendees electronically.

Once the QR Code is generated the Exhibitor prints out and can display the QR Code prominently in their booth, incorporate it into their literature or product offerings, or both. Exhibitors can scan attendee badges to capture a sales lead, and Attendees who are using the MyExpoCart Smartphone app can scan the Exhibitor’s information on their own Smartphone. This extends the reach of the Exhibitor who may be too busy to speak with every Attendee who visits the booth, or if the booth was too crowded to personally greet and visit with each attendee. It also allows the Attendee to capture the Exhibitor’s information for follow-up without having to “wait for a turn” to speak with the busy Exhibitor.

Exhibitors who order lead retrieval services from RCS will also know which Attendees captured the QR Code in their booth.

Exhibitors who do not order lead retrieval from RCS will not know who scanned their QR Code, but the Attendee will be able to follow up with the Exhibitor if they choose to do so.


Show qualified registrants who attend the event can download the free MyExpoCart Smartphone app onto their Smartphone.

With the Smartphone app Attendees can visit Exhibitors booths and scan the QR Code displayed in the booth.  The information for that Exhibitor is stored in the Attendee’s personal, secure website created by RCS.

Attendees may also scan Show Management generated QR Codes displayed in sessions or events to keep track of events they attended online,  and the attendee can access the information for later review. For instance, you may want to link the session QR code directly to a Bio of the speaker, offer to sell or rent the white paper or recorded session etc. to the attendee, or just link a newsletter.  The possibilities are endless!

Attendees may want to scan a fellow Attendee’s name badge, an Exhibitor’s name badge, a speaker’s name badge or other badges to network after the event. Strict rules will apply here, as all data is carefully protected.

Once an Attendee logs into their personal password protected website they can see a count of how many scans they collected and decide if they would like to see the details of those entries. If they decide they want the stored information they can purchase the MyExpoCart “detailed data” entries for a small fee. Once they have upgraded, they will see all the information scanned during the show, including Exhibitor, Show Management and fellow Attendee’s QR Codes.

If an Attendee decides they want the address and contact information for a fellow Attendee, there is an additional fee, equal to the cost an Exhibitor pays for RCS Lead retrieval products.

The RCS GCX Service goes beyond gathering leads by offering a powerful tool to build long lasting relationships between Exhibitors and Attendees. No longer will Exhibitors miss leads because of unavailability, or only capture leads in their booth. Now Exhibitors can scan anywhere any Attendee who is wearing a badge. And no longer will Attendees have to wait for Exhibitors to follow up. It’s a win-win proposition for both.  And as Show Manager, you may want to explore sponsorship opportunities for the Attendee app as a method of generating new revenue.

To integrate the RCS GCX Service into your show contact us today!

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