A Perfect Match

Introducing Matchmaker! This innovative service provided by Registration Control Systems can help event organizers maximize the business value of their event by bringing together Attendees and Exhibitors prior to the event.  The Matchmaker system provides Exhibitors with information to build relationships with potential buyers before the show.   The system optimizes networking and functions as a pre-event matchmaking tool.  Prior to going on-site Matchmaker helps Attendees determine the Exhibitors who have products and services of which they are most interested.

To initiate the Matchmaker Service, the Exhibitor answers a few questions to define their product categories.  When the Attendees register on-line they can select, as an option, the product categories they are interested in seeing at the event.  The RCS system matches the Attendee’s interests with the Exhibitor’s products, providing Attendees with potentially valuable contact information prior to the event.

After Attendees fill out the simple on-line registration page they are provided with a list of companies that match the demographic choices they made while registering.  Should the Attendee have an interest in one or more of the exhibiting companies that match with their interests, the system will provide their information to the Exhibitor. Or, they can choose to simply contact the companies themselves, without divulging their personal information. The Attendee has full control over which companies have access to their information, if any.

Matchmaker was developed to help show organizers increase the value of their event.  To find out more contact RCS today!

(805) 677-4263 or sales@rcsreg.com

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