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CEIR Reports the Advantages and Value of Face-to-Face Marketing

In a recent study the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) stated that “The face-to-face activity considered more valuable today than two years ago for the greatest percentage of attendees is exhibitions and conventions. No other option comes close.” 1 There is a simple and effective way of enhancing that face-to-face experience for your attendees and exhibitors, its Registration Control Systems (RCS) feature-packed Photo Badges, Photo Leads, Photo Reports, and Photo Directories. They enhance the face-to-face experience for attendees and increase the ROI for exhibitors.

The impact of photographs on recall has been shown to enhance information retrieval, especially when time has passed since the initial contact. A British study shows that experiences paired with photo association, helps to recall specific details2. Another study suggests that images provide better recall of details than notes or other schemas3. It has also been presented that “picture superiority occurs in both immediate and delayed recall tasks.”4

In addition to enhancing the actual event, photo leads, photo reports and photo directories help your show live on throughout the year. It’s the value of a face.

photobadgeRCS has provided many shows with this enhanced photo show package. It can be done in advance, it is quick on site, takes less than 20 seconds, and is easy to set up. Once collected, the data can be used for many years. Under your control it will enrich the networking power and the overall experience for your attendees and exhibitors AND provide added security to your event. Once again it’s the Value of a Face which cannot be duplicated thru use of the internet or by looking at catalogs.

For more information on how Registration Control Systems can provide your event with our Photo Badge Solution Contact sales@rcsreg.com or call (805) 677-4263

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